International Sustainability School


Who: All
Where:  Kathmandu, Nepal
When:  3 - 12 June, 2017
Cost: 700 USD (scholarships available)
Deadline: 30 April 2017

What: Travel to Nepal, and learn how to connect with nature alongside like-minded individuals from around the globe.

Sustainability School is different - it is an extraordinary journey, a self-exploratory trek, a hub to find like-minded people lifetime friends, an opportunity to connect with nature, an experience with communities and a place to ignite ideas and inspiration. It brings together change makers from around the globe to become sustainability leaders called the Sustainability Fellows and offers them inspiration, ignites ideas, inculcates skills and provides a team.


The program revolves around 10 days experience, which is designed to give the participants ideas, network and inspiration. It is an opportunity to see, feel and know more about sustainability. Sustainability Fellows will get an opportunity to experience local realities as well as learn from experts while also discovering themselves. This is a physically, mentally and socially engaging program where participants enrich themselves, the communities they visit and each other. An astonishing experience is offered to anyone spending time in nature and local communities, and our job as educators is to harvest this ‘connection’ in helpful and meaningful ways for a more sustainable world by empowering change makers like you! Through International Sustainability School, Hands-On Institute aspires to help learners re-establish relationship with nature and learn the wisdom embedded in age-old rural communities.