ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2017


Who: 18-30 years
Where: Seoul, Korea
When: 4-8 May, 2017
Cost: Free
Deadline: 20 March 2017

What: One week with an passionate international youth in Korea focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2nd edition of the ASEF Young Leaders Summit (#ASEFYLS2) is for young thinkers and doers to dismantle the conventional and to bring forward fresh ideas and solutions for a more inclusive, fair and accessible employment market for the youth.

Themed “Access to Youth Employment”, ASEFYLS2 contributes to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular goal 4 (on education), 5 (on gender equality), 8 (on decent work) and 9 (on industry and innovation). The project focuses on 8 thematic areas linked to job-creation and inclusion: 1) age, 2) education, 3) disability, 4) finance, 5) gender, 6) location, 7) social backgrounds and 8) technology.

ASEFYLS2 is as an experiential space and networking hotspot where 150 young minds from 51 ASEM countries meet influential leaders from Asia and Europe. The programme is designed to nourish a constructive exchange of ideas and good practices, hands-on skills development and concludes with a Call for Action addressed to the ASEM Education Ministers. The ASEFYLS2 line-up of speakers, panellists and mentors includes top-tier policy makers, thought-provoking academics, daring entrepreneurs and civil society advocates. As a highlight of the summit, personal interactions between the youth participants and the ASEM Leaders/Delegations are also arranged during the event.


  • Meet leaders from governments, businesses, academia and intergovernmental organisations
  • Collaborate with fellow driven peers on youth employment
  • Develop a critical and analytical mind-set to pursue questions beyond conventional takes
  • Enhance and acquire practical skills useful for your academic, professional and personal life
  • Share your questions and ideas directly with your ASEM Leader