International Summer Science Institute


Who: Year 13 Students
Where: Rehovot, Israel
When: 26 Jul - 15 Aug, 2017
Cost: FREE
Deadline: 15 March 2017

What: One week of cutting edge lectures and demonstrations at the London International Youth Science Forum

A unique and fantastic opportunity has been provided for one Year 13 student to attend the 49th Dr Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute in Rehovot, Israel in July.

This is a fully funded opportunity funded by the Raye Freedman Trust which will cover travel, accommodation and some spending money.

The ‘Bessie program’, as it is more fondly known, brings together approximately 80 highly talented senior secondary students from all over the world to experience the challenges and rewards of scientific research.  During the month-long program, the students spend the first three weeks conducting research in the campus labs.  The work combines the exploration of problems in the field of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematical and computer science, and in instruction of sophisticated laboratory equipment, advanced computers, a particle accelerator, and lasers. Students will stay at the Laub international Science Youth Village with meals supplied by the Institute restaurants.