Who: 17-21 year olds
Where: Canada
When: May- June, 2017
Cost: FREE
Deadline: 10 Feb 2017

What: A team of international Youth Ambassadors will embark on a mind-blowing, limit-pushing, life-altering 13-day cross-country tour of Canada.

In May/June 2017, the i2P Canada 150 presented by Rogers will test all aspects of the impossible2Possible philosophies. This physical and logistical challenge will be one of our most comprehensive expeditions to date. The i2P traveling team will connect with 13 local i2P Youth Ambassador teams spread out in each province and territory and our goal is to connect people from all over the world to the unique history, geography, diversity, and beauty Canada has to offer.

This logistically challenging epic adventure will rely on planning, preparation, and communication. As the i2P team travels from city-to-city and province-to-province the ever-present variables of travel delays and fatigue will be huge factors in the success of this endeavor. This intense and taxing journey – is meant to replicate the never give up values Canada has stood for over the last 150 years.